TAF COP Portal: Find out how many fraud mobile numbers are running from your Aadhar card

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TAF COP Portal: TAF COP Portal Mobile has become very important for people these days, mobile is used in all work from personal to professional. But did you know?, your mobile SIM can land you in trouble. Yes, if you do not know, then tell you when you buy the sim.

Mobile has become very important for people these days, mobile is used in all work from personal to professional. But did you know?, your mobile SIM can land you in trouble. Yes, if you do not know, then tell you, when you buy a SIM and give Aadhaar card for ID proof and buy the SIM of the company of your choice.

But do you know that many sims can be run simultaneously from this base? SIM distributors can misuse your ID or simply say that many SIMs can be run on your ID.

How many sims are running on your base?

TAF COP Portal
TAF COP Portal

TAF COP Portal – If you want to know how many sims are running with your identity, then today we are telling you about the TAF COP Portal run by the government. Where you can check how your ID is being tracked. Let us tell you that you can go for a total of 9 SIMs on one Aadhaar card, but all these SIMs cannot be used for the same SIM. A person can use only 6 identical ones on one ID. So today we are telling you how to find out on which sim your address is running?

How to know from the government portal?

  • Telecom Analytics for Fraud Regional and Consumer Protection (TAFCO) Department of Telecom of Govt.
  • Where you can get information about your sim status.
  • For this, first of all you have to go to https://www.tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/ site. Here you have to enter your mobile number.
  • After this you will get an OTP.
  • As soon as you will get the OTP, you will get the list of siming linked with Aadhaar.
  • Here you can see that if any wrong number is running from your ID then you can stop it.


When you will get the list of your mobile connections on starting Tafcopy portal, if you find any unusable or sensitive numbers, tick the check box below that number and select one of the given options –

  • This is not my number , Required , Not required
  • Out of these, you can select ‘This is not my number’ for the mobile connection you have not taken and ‘Not required’ for the mobile number which is not required.
  • After selecting any one option click on ‘Report’ after which your request will be forwarded to DoT. Immediately after this the DOT operator (TRAI Mobile Number Check) will block the said mobile number.
  • To track the status of your TAFCOP report, you will receive a reference number, from which the TAFCOP report status will refer to the status of your request.

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TAF COP Portal

TAFCOP Verification of New Mobile Subscribers Instructions

WP(C)No. Final instructions are being given in view of the judgment of the Supreme Court of India in 285/2010 and order dated 27/04/2012 as pointed out by a Joint Expert Committee in DOT TAF COP Portal on Verification through this letter It will be mandatory to follow the instructions of TAFCOPY.

  • As per the instructions of TRAI portal, the consumer has to fill the CAF form correctly and affix his/her photograph. Along with this, you will have to attach your Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) and submit it to the SIM Sales Center.
  • After which the customer has to sign the acknowledgment along with the seal of the POS along with CAF number, mobile number, POI, POA and date of issue along with the name of the customer.
  • The person working at the POS i.e. SIM Sales Center will have to match the original documents of proof of identity and proof of address and also match the photo of the customer in the form with that of an existing person. After which the POS worker will do the verification by signing the documents and verification from the CAF form.
  • The license issuing network employee shall update all customer responses in its database, after which it shall be informed that all certificates have been verified and his/her full details including name and signature have been stored in the database. Immediately after this the new siming activity of the subscriber will take place.
  • The date of sale and commissioning of the mobile SIM is required to be entered in the database. For this, the POS worker has to verify the signature of the customer on the spot.
  • Once the mobile number is activated, the customer has to complete the tele-verification process by calling the customer care for address and identity verification. After which the sim will start working properly, that is, now your mobile number will come and will be fully on the call.
  • The special thing in this is that if a POS shopper sells the first active SIM to someone, then if caught, the SIM will be closed and a fine of Rs 50,000 will also be imposed.
  • The guidelines given in Streaks to Postpaid and Postpaid to Sunny conversion have to be followed.
  • No mistake will be accepted in the CAF form. With the same, the network provider will not take responsibility for the same, the POS employee will ensure and certify that all information is true and correct as per the documents provided by the customer.

TAF COP Portal Helpline Number:

If you want to deactivate your mobile number which is in your name but you are not using it, then you have to visit the Consumer Portal portal: https://TAFCOP.dgtelecom.gov.in/ and give above notification . There are options. , No helpline number has been issued for this.

FAQ – frequently asked questions:-

Tafcop is real or fake?

Real TRAI’s Website

In which parts of the country is TAFCOP Consumer Portal currently operational?

Region, Kerala, Rajasthan and the whole form in Smartphone. In the coming days, this portal will start working fully for other states of the country as well.

Is tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in available for UP?

Right now the facility for UP has not started on this portal but if you disagree then you can see your connection numbers.

Is tafcop customer care number available?

No, tafcop does not have any official customer care number yet.

Note – TRAI SIM Check for is tafcop dgtelecom gov in has been started to protect the claims of mobile consumers, this organization (tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in portal) has been created for general public connection of India. Here you will track the number of sim running in your name in this tafcop dg telegram gov.

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